Board of Directors

By Texas statute, each water district board contains 5 directors who live in the water district they represent. Simply stated, these are your neighbors who got involve to make sure you have safe water to drink, keep the toilets flushing in the right direction, and likely a bunch of other services you use every day.

R.W. (Rick) Kehlenbach 5/7/2022 – 5/2/2026
Wayne Cherry 5/2/2020 – 5/4/2024
Tom Buffington 5/7/2022 – 5/2/2026
Kennon Evett, Jr. 5/7/2022 – 5/2/2026
Howell Hubble 12/14/2021 – 5/4/2024

Campaign finance reports

Board Profiles

R. W. (Rick) Kehlenbach

I have lived in Spring Creek Forest with my family since 1979. I served on the SCF Civic Association Board from 1982 to 1985 as Section Representative, as a member of several committees and as President. I was elected to the Spring Creek Forest Water Board in 1985 and have served as the President of the Board since 1992.

Serving the residents of Spring Creek Forest has been a privilege. My view of the Water Board’s responsibility is to provide the residents the best water and sewer service that is possible and to keep the District taxes as low as possible by increasing the value of the District by managed development. The District had undeveloped residential and commercial acreage that had been in the District since it’s formation in the early 70’s. The District had an obligation to provide water and sewer service to these customers who have been paying taxes to the District for over thirty years. During the past few years, the undeveloped acreage has been developed into three residential additions and numerous commercial developments. When fully developed, the assessed value of the District will be increased by $40MM. The increased assessed value will reduce the tax rate and thereby reduce the SCF-PUD tax payment due by residents on their property. At this time the District is fully developed and we see no need for any additional bond issues. Any needed improvements to the District infrastructure can be accomplished thru water bill collections.

The North Harris County Regional Water Authority mandated surface water conversion is underway and will cause increases to the water bill every year for at least the next decade. These increases will pay for the infrastructure required to bring surface water to SCF and reduce the use of ground water 30% in 2010, by 70% in 2020 and by 80% in 2030.

Wayne Cherry

My wife and I moved to Spring Creek Forest in December, 2012 from the Memorial Thicket subdivision in West Houston. We are native Houstonians that have been here through all of the growth, booms, busts and subsequent rebuilding that make this area the dynamic place to live that it has been throughout the years.

Though new to Spring Creek Forest, I am not new to the workings of water districts. I was a water district engineer at Rayburn Cherry Engineers, Inc. for over 30 years. We served as the District Engineer for over 20 water districts in the Greater Houston Area. That experience, I believe, is invaluable in guiding my decisions as I represent Spring Creek Forest Public Utility District in its dealings with its consultants, neighboring districts, regional facilities partners and public officials. While our district is mostly built out, there will be new challenges to face and decisions made as we deal with aging infrastructure and facilities in the years to come.

Aging issues are common to all districts that were created in the 1970’s and that are still providing utility services to their residents. These decisions will require sound fiscal decision making capabilities and the ability to scrutinize multiple options to determine the best solutions for the district. I welcome the opportunity to serve the district in this capacity as we move forward.

We have loved living here our first year and look forward to serving in and enjoying our neighborhood for many years to come.

Tom Buffington

My wife Kristin and I moved into Spring Creek Forest in April of 2008 from St Paul, MN. After looking all over the Houston area, we couldn’t find anything like our neighborhood and decided this is where we were going to move! We quickly adapted to Texas and found our selves deeply involved in the SCF Sharks Swim Team and the HOA board and committees. We have 2 younger daughters in the Klein Schools who are also active in swimming and soccer.

Since moving here, I had talked to several past and present members of the board and visited a few meetings. I feel that I will have a positive role in keeping with the neighborhood residents needs as well as help manage our district to be reliable and efficient in serving our residents.